April 7

Written by Bill Grandi on April 7th, 2021

I read a verse of Scripture that got me to thinking. First, the verse: “Can a man scoop a flame into his lap and not have his clothes catch on fire? Can a man walk on hot coals and not blister his feet?” (Pr. 6:27-28)

I realize those verses are in the context of marriage and adultery. But let’s take it one step further. Those verses remind me of an old saying:

When you play with fire you either get burnt or you smell like smoke.

The greater implication of that saying goes beyond marriage. It takes in everything we do on a daily basis. There are some people who think they can flirt with sin. They will see how close they can get to the line without crossing it. It’s like the scene in Field of Dreams where the child is choking and they need a doctor. Doc Graham runs to the line and they show his shoes hesitate right at the line because he knows one more step and he is over the line and his dream of playing baseball is finished. He chooses to cross the line and becomes a doctor. But he never regrets or resents it.

We, too, come to a line. We must make a choice. For some the choice is easy. “No, I won’t cross it.” But for others who have been playing with fire, it is a much harder choice. Sadly, it is one very easily lost because of playing with fire. They have allowed sin to be a companion and so the choice is almost made for them. Resistance is down; yielding is easier.

Be careful of playing with fire. As the saying goes: “You either get burnt or smell like smoke.”

“Father, as Your child help me to say no to sin. Help me to say no to even allowing it to hang around.”


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  1. Ryan Spires says:

    One can understand why so many rules were put into place by God and then even added to by the spiritual leaders of the day. They didn’t want people to even get close to the line.
    The issue is the focus becomes the line… the line that can’t be crossed… or when it is crossed, the issue becomes oh no, I crossed the line… now I can’t go back.
    You are correct, Bill, there are lines… lines that should never be crossed… Lines when crossed leave the smell of smoke or the scars of the burn (the consequences)… but the focus was never supposed to be about the line… the focus is always to be on God… Even if the line is crossed, even if the burns are fresh… it is never to late to come back to the Father. I honestly think the lines are there for our protection, not because of God being a cosmic kill-joy, but because He knows that lines have consequences… Whether they be broken relationships, lost trust, financial ruin, reputation squashed. I thank God that in the end, if I am a child of God, my eternity is secure. I may face consequences, but just like the prodigal, I will be able to come home.

    • Bill Grandi says:

      You sound like a preacher dude! I so agree with your thoughts here. I especially like the idea that it was never about the line. It has always been about God. But knowing I cross the line from time to time (more often than I would like) also reminds me I am glad I have a forgiving Father. Thanks for the good comment.

    • Ed Damas says:

      The line can either be good or bad. Moses crossed that line and look where he ended up!

      I agree though. Crossing the line into no man’s territory isn’t bad… it’s only bad if you keep on going once you pass it!

  2. Praying that God will never find me playing with fire, but praying to Him.
    Great reflection, Bill!