May 14

Written by Bill Grandi on May 14th, 2021

Life is difficult. Life is hard. Or so I’ve heard. And…so I’ve experienced. Inherent to all of us is one of two choices- give up or fight through.

There are those who give up. They check out of reality.  Maybe they tell themselves “This is not real. This is not happening. God wants me to enjoy life so I’m going to spin positive and deny I’m having difficulty.” Yeah, like that is going to help. No name-it-claim-it; no Christian Science; no Scientology denial; no dismissal and positive “best life now” approach will change life.

Others tragically check out permanently. Putting aside those who struggle mentally, there are those who just give up. I think what happened during the Great Depression and most economic downturns is proof of what I’m saying.

But, then there are those who fight. Bob Goff wrote the following:

There are three things I’ve learned about climbing a mountain. First, there’s almost always a point when you want to give up. Second, you don’t get breathtaking views until you push to the summit. And third, the summit is almost always just after the point you want to quit.

I’ve never been a mountain climber. Maybe when I was younger Not now. 🙂 My knees would protest. Loudly. Too loudly. But I have stopped at high points and gotten out of the car to look. A train ride in Skagway, Alaska is another example. Beautiful views. Getting to the summit worth it.

Giving up goes against my grain…sometimes to my detriment. But I’d rather stick to something too long than to give up too soon. On the other side of pain and yes, failure, is a beautiful view of love and acceptance from a Father who walked every step of the way with me.

“Father, thank you for hanging in there with me, especially through the tough times. “

{Quote by Bob Goff from Live in Grace*Walk in Love. P.164}


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  1. God did not create us to give up, Bill, and He will help us push through any and all difficulties we might be experiencing.

  2. Ed says:

    I used to give up all the time.
    Then one day I thought: what happens if you take one more step? Just one more?

    I remember one times I was visiting the water park.. you know, the ones with the tall, three story or more slides.

    Well I had gotten the urge to walk to the top and slide down.

    When i got to the top and looked down I said “Oh my… what have I gotten myself into?”

    Fear got to me. But I said “I better conquer this now!”

    So I got down on my butt, and crossed my legs and arms according to the instructions and started plunging down.

    About halfway down, my legs came loose, as did my arms. My shorts… found a new home on my chest.

    I don’t think I even make it all the way to the pool of water at the end of it.

    But I survived, and had the thrill of a lifetime too!