July 12

Written by Bill Grandi on July 12th, 2021

Back in the ’80s I saw a movie that I haven’t been able to forget the main point.  It was about a young man who wanted to serve God but always saw himself doing it on a “big screen.” I don’t mean the “big screen” as in movies, but in doing big things. Like a big evangelist preaching to thousands (think Billy Graham big). The crux of the movie is that he realizes that to serve God and make an impact does not always mean b-i-g.

I’m not sure of the movie title (although I think I know it) so I’d rather not say it here. But I’ve never forgotten the premise of the movie.

A lot of Christ-followers think they have to do big things for God. They seem to always be scheming for their “next big venture.”

Two things seem to happen there. One, they keep striving for that big thing, and two, others feel inferior because what they do for Jesus seems so small. The Bible says we are all gifted differently. Some are gifted with those “up front” gifts, while others are gifted with more of a “behind the scenes” one. When it all shakes out, every gift is just as important. Go look at I Cor. 12 if you doubt that.

Long story short: we are all necessary. God’s kingdom and God’s work are not limited to the “biggies” and those up front. Where would the main actors be without the make-up artists, the stagehands, etc?  I have gone to several plays and shows where the props were moved by all those involved. Where would the pitcher who throws a no-hitter be without the other 8 players? That speaks volumes (or should) to the pastor, missionary, or Christ-follower who thinks its all about him.

“Father, help me to realize living for You and serving You is not a one-man team. It is a total effort of all involved.  Help me not to get too big for my britches.”


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  1. Ryan S says:

    God never designed us to work in a vacuum. He never designed us to work in isolation or in a silo. He designed us to work as a body. A living breathing organism. I heard an analogy yesterday that I think is appropriate. The Body of Christ, Christians, should be a single organism that come together like a deep breath and then exhaled into the world to be that salt and light… This action is a cycle, inhale (come together), exhale (impact the world).
    This can’t be done alone, this can’t be done with a big red cape, this can’t be done with a hammer, shield, or supersuit. This can only be only be done as ants, all working together for a common goal, but not necessarily the same job.

    • Bill Grandi says:

      That is a great reply Ryan! I really appreciate your connecting the need for us as individuals and the importance of being involved with others.

  2. Absolutely, Bill. We don’t need to go big to go for God. May we use our gifts wisely.

    • Bill Grandi says:

      Your last statement is the crux of the matter Martha. Using our gifts wisely.