August 11

Written by Bill Grandi on August 11th, 2021

One of the early pioneers of what is now called Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) was a group called “Love Song.” They were converts from and during the hippie generation and began playing Jesus Music. One of the members of that group was Chuck Girard, who eventually went solo.  He had a song on one of his albums (yes, I bought it) called Busy Day. Here is a sampling of the lyrics of that song:

Busy day, busy day, busy, busy, busy day/Busy, busy, busy, busy day/Busy day, busy day, busy, busy, busy day/ Busy, busy, busy, busy day.

Get the point? 🙂  Of course there were stanzas to the song but that was the chorus.  You can check out the song here.

That song depicts many of our lives. Sadly, even those things which are good become an “enabler” to our busy day, busy life. We sometimes go overboard with what we add to our lives. We throw things into the mix-like a person with a kettle throwing in lots of ingredients-only to mess up the stew instead of enhancing it. Jo knows for me to enjoy a bowl of soup, she can leave out the red pepper flakes (she tends to add too many for my taste) and garlic. 

Sometimes we do that with our lives- overcommit- then miss out on the fun it was intended to bring. Or worse, we miss interacting with the people we were supposed to engage.

Let’s start slowing down. Let’s start slimming down. Let’s choose wisely what we add to our daily stew.

“Father, help me to remember it is all about You and people. Help me not to get so full and add ingredients to my stew that I lose sight of You, people, and the fun it was supposed to be.”


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  1. Ryan S says:

    Life does seem to throw more things into the soup than is needed. As you said, things that are not bad, but simply add up to being too busy.
    Much of it we do to ourselves. A new hobby, another sport, a new toy, another ministry… It is ok to say no. It is ok to guard the time you have. Just make sure it is protected for the right reasons and the right motives. Case in point… I have been trying to keep my Wednesday evening open from scheduled activity. Most of the time I enjoy a work out with one of my son’s. Tonight my adult niece needs some fatherly/uncle direction. I am taking the time because it is important. That couldn’t happen without having time available. Block in time throughout the week for the unplanned. Be flexible to shift things around. Be mindful of those things that seem urgent, but aren’t as important. The urgent often takes over the important… It usually shouldn’t.

    • Bill Grandi says:

      You give some great advice Ryan. I’m glad your adult niece feels comfortable enough to talk to you. Your comment reminded me of the booklet “Tyranny of the Urgent.” We do get caught in that trap way too often. Thanks for a great piece of input.

  2. Oh, yes, Bill. We can become so busy that we miss out on the good things we could savor all around us. Father, help me to slow down!