August 10

Written by Bill Grandi on August 10th, 2021

Years ago I heard a leadership guru say, “Lead, follow, or get out of the way.”

I know what he was trying to say (along with a touch of arrogance). In any situation there are three kinds of people: the leader, the follower, and the dragger. Progress is determined by one of those three types of people.

  • There is the leader, the one who gets out front and takes the bull by the horns and gets things done.
  • There is the follower, the one who gets in line behind the leader with support, encouragement, work, etc.
  • There is the dragger, the one who drags his/her feet for any number of reasons. I’ll not delineate them right now. You can figure them out on your own.

The problem which often arises is the failure to follow. Even the leader is a follower…if he/she is a follower of Jesus. Even the leader can sometimes get ahead of the Guide. I like what Bob Goff wrote:

When we find ourselves losing our way in life, it’s a good time to evaluate whether Jesus is ahead of us leading or behind us just carrying our stuff.  (p.265)  *

I hate to admit there are times (far too many) when I get ahead of Him. Instead of following Him, I strike out on my own. Or I simply walk too fast and get out ahead. I think I know best. I think I know the right, or even the best, path. I get in over my head and get lost or swamped.

It is then I need to have a seat and pause and relinquish my “lead.” It is necessary for me to be the follower, to even admit I’m lost.

“Father, I think I know best. Not always do I know. Not even often do I know. Help me to relinquish the leadership of my life to you.”

*Quote from Live Grace-Walk in Love


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  1. Ooo….I love that quote. We love to think that we always follow His lead. But…how wrong we can be. Evaluate. That is something we must do from time to time. Thanks, Bill. Have a wonderful day!

    • Bill Grandi says:

      I loved it as well Diane. And you are right…evaluate. Only by doing that can we do a good self-examination. Thanks Diane and I hope you have a terrific day as well.

  2. Ryan S. says:

    I think I have wore all 3 hats at times… not at the same time, but at different times. There are times where I take the lead to get things done… to make things happen, and as you have pointed out… sometimes ahead of the true leader.

    There have been times where I take the back seat, provide a support role, encourage the leader and do everything I can to make the leader succeed and ultimately the whole to succeed.

    Then there are the times where I have been the dragger, the naysayer, the one who gets in the way. Purposefully slowing a project for one reason or another… sometimes a good reason, sometimes not.

    I would like to add a fourth category… The spectator. The one that watches it all happen without direct involvement. They can be subdivided further… The home team or the away team. The home team is shouting from the sidelines and celebrating, the away team is hoping you lose and is vocal about it.

    Good thoughts this morning!

    Good time for me to evaluate which part I am playing in all aspects of life. Family, church (both big and little c), work, etc.

    • Bill Grandi says:

      That is a great addition Ryan! I never even thought of the Spectator. I was thinking how the spectator tends to be very critical but then you subdivided it even more. You made a great addition and I thank you. Now if I get published I will give you credit. 🙂 Thanks my friend.

  3. When I read this reflection the other day in Goff’s devotional, it had me thinking twice, too, Bill. Am I allowing Jesus to lead, or am I striking out on my own? If the latter, then I’m sure to wind up lost.