August 24

Written by Bill Grandi on August 24th, 2021

Years and years ago. So many I can’t remember when or where, I bought a magnet that has been on my file cabinet ever since and the only time it has moved is when I moved and packed up everything. As you can guess, it isn’t the magnet, but what it says:

The faith to move mountains is the reward of those who have moved little hills.

I thought of that magnet saying when I read a devotion by Bob Goff (#233) recently. He writes about a long-jumper named Lex Gillette.  Lex competes in the Olympics as a long jumper. Oops, I meant to say the Paralympics as…get this…a blind long-jumper. You are probably wondering, as I did, how he pulls that off. He has a coach who yells, “Fly!” over and over as Lex sprints down the 100 meter track.  His voice guides Lex as he sprints. It’s like a homing beacon.

Amazing! Bob makes the point that if we are wondering if we should take a risk or try something, we should think about Lex. Not “If a blind man can do it, so can I” type of thinking, but the sense of learning from his heart, his courage, and his wisdom.

What struck me-hence the magnet reference-are several things:

  1. He has to trust his coach.
  2. How did he learn to run in a straight line, when to jump and how to land?
  3. What made him want to do that to start with? Did someone tell him he couldn’t?

I admire a man like Lex-a man who wouldn’t let his disability keep him down. He started with a small hill. Then, as he stretched his legs, i.e. faith, he began to climb bigger hills. Until…he moved mountains.

Maybe it is time for me, for you, to to allow our faith to develop into a mountain-moving faith.

“Father, help me to exercise my faith. Help me to remember Proverbs 21:31.”  (I encourage you to read the verse).

Bob’s book is entitled Live in Grace-Walk in Love.


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  1. Ed says:

    I sure wish I had tv! I would love to watch the Paralympics! I think it’s crazy beautiful that someone with a disability can reach for the sky! They really do give the people WITHOUT disabilities HOPE!

  2. Ryan S says:

    Bill, It is interesting how some can persevere despite the obstacles they have in life.

    I like to hear/read about people who push themselves to go beyond the expected and even excel.

    Definitely to be admired.

  3. I was so inspired when I read about Lex, too, Bill. We do have to start with small steps in attempting anything, trusting that in time, our ability will improve. And so it is with our faith.

    • Bill Grandi says:

      I love that we are reading the same devotional book Martha. I love your input as a result.