March 23

Written by Bill Grandi on March 23rd, 2022

If I was to put into words what I consider to be one of the premier struggles Christ-followers have, it wouldn’t be Progressive “Christianity.” It wouldn’t be the rightness or wrongness of CRT or BLM or transgenderism or the LGBTQ+ agenda (although I don’t see much right in any of them). It wouldn’t be the whole political game being played on the world stage, nor even the one being played in the states. It wouldn’t be crime or the border or immigration or masking or vaxxing. I think it is something much more serious.

Losing your heart for God.

It’s easy to do. Gotta go here; gotta go there. Have to do this; have to do that. That shiny new thing looks really good. “No one will ever know if I do this or that.” “I’m not a workaholic…I just love my job.” “Arrogant? Me? I’m just good at what I do.”  “The applause of men is so refreshing. It is nice to be appreciated.”  “I’m tired of being good, of denying basic pleasures. I’m going to let go and live for today.”

And the beat goes on.

What doesn’t go on is a heart beating for God. It is sacrificed for the temporary. Displaced by secondary or second rate idols, it fights for supremacy. Being displaced from the throne of my heart is not God’s plan. He wants first place.

He wants my heart always beating for Him. Pursuing a deeper walk with Him. Pursuing intimacy. Passionate. Worship. Adoration. All for Him.

Is my heart beating for God? Is yours?

“Father, You know my prayer without me even stating it. Let my heart beat for You and for You alone.”


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  1. I know for me, I have to recommit to God and submit my will to his anew every day.
    Blessings, Bill!

  2. Ryan Spires says:

    It is perplexing to me how quickly I can go from low to high and high to low in my relationship with God.

    How quickly I can be ALL IN and so quickly be just keeping my little toe in.

    I know that God knows my heart at this very moment. I also think He can see through the layers of crust and crud that tend to build up over time. I need to be diligent with my spiritual body and keep it properly tuned.

    Like you state Bill,
    Let my heart beat for You and You alone Father!

    • Bill Grandi says:

      The above comment was sent to me by Ryan. I copied and pasted it.

      it is baffling isn’t it? I find myself hot one moment and then cooled off the next. it is frustrating for sure.