April 14

Written by Bill Grandi on April 14th, 2022

One last thought from a quote in Wisdom Hunter by Randall Arthur:

“An easy, routine way of life which many associate with stability and security only gives man stagnation. Entrenched routine only spoils man and makes him simple and weak. On the other hand, progressive resistance in life always has the potential to give man progressive strength, and to make man progressively wiser…Resistance makes a man think new thoughts he never thought before. It makes a man seek answers he never sought before. It makes a man beg God for help that he never before realized he needed. Theses quests, quests of the heart and soul, eventually make a man deeper, wider, taller.” (Pages 249-250)

One of the fallacies of our thinking today among certain religious people is that we shouldn’t suffer, we shouldn’t have a hard time. Even the one deconstructing or questioning the faith states it: “Why do Christians suffer?” or some variation of that.

Tragically, we have bought into the lie that one who follows Jesus ought to have an easy life. It’s almost seen as a reward which is earned. I’d like to think I’m wrong in that assessment but I’m not.

Instead of seeing it as a punishment or a bad experience from a “mean” God, it seems wiser to consider them a way to grow. In the words of the quote: “To grow deeper, wider, fuller.” At this time of the year, when remembering the crucifixion of Jesus is right around the corner, let’s consider the suffering of Jesus as an example to us that we too should expect to follow in His steps. See I Peter 2:21-25.

“Father, may I see the difficulties in my life not as a bad thing but as a growth thing.”


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  1. Amen, Bill, Amen! Have a blessed Easter!

  2. I do think that it is the hard times that encourage the growth of our faith, trusting that God knows what’s going on and will take our hand to see us through.
    Blessings, Bill!

    • Bill Grandi says:

      With that perspective Martha, life takes on a different meaning. We don’t look for “outs.”

  3. Ryan S. says:

    Life without some strain, without some adversity, without testing leads to complacency, laziness, spiritual atrophy. I know because I have lived it. For years I went through the motions, doing my “Sunday morning” duties, but primarily coasting. When turbulence came, it rocked my world. Do I think God created the turbulence… not really… We live in a fallen world where turbulence will happen by default. We also live in a world where the enemy can take advantage and whisper lies and torment the mind. Here is what I know, turbulence, turmoil, and resistance isn’t necessarily fun… but it does provide a measure of where you are. I was not in a good place, though by God’s grace and mercy, He carried me through. We all have choices to make when it comes to adversity… We can roll over take it, complain about it, and feel sorry for ourselves… or we can remember that He Who Is In Me Is Greater Than He Who Is In The World. Physical strength training requires repetition and resistance… I think Spiritual Strength training requires the same.

  4. gail says:

    Father, trials are never easy, but thank-you for walking along side of me during my difficult times. I appreciated learning how to lean on you, and put my trust in you, in ways I may not have learned any other way. Sometimes understanding the whole picture is not easy until you make it to the other side. Anything in my life that has drawn me closer and more dependent on you I count as blessing, thank-you Father for your steadfast love, and never ending grace.

    • Bill Grandi says:

      It is always amazing how He stands with us and helps us cope. Your prayer is a good combination of thanksgiving and pleading for mercy. Thanks Gzil