August 30

Written by Bill Grandi on August 30th, 2022

As promised (yesterday’s devotion), here are the first 3 principles we have looked at so far:

#1- God doesn’t need your strength to guide you, but you do need His strength to recognize His guidance.

#2- Make sure you are all in for Jesus.

#3- Stay within the circle of intimacy with God, and trust Him that you’re on the dot of His good and perfect will.

Before we move on tomorrow to the next principle, I’d like to “hit” one more time on these three principles.

As you can see, these principles are layers, if I can use that word. We first need His strength to see and recognize His guidance. Knowing God’s will is not some willy-nilly conjecture of our mind. God has His will for each of us. I’m not speaking in the Calvinist vein where we are predestined. He does know (Omniscience), but He gives us the choice of whether to follow or not. Doing that sometimes takes courage.

To follow wherever His will may take us, requires we be “all in” for Jesus. How can I follow, how can I do His will, if I hold back complete surrender?

To be all in, I need to maintain an intimacy with the Father. Being sensitive to His whispers in my spirit. Being open to His discipline. Being willing to go where He leads. Being able to discern truth from false, my interests from His interests. That all requires a sensitivity to Him which comes from intimacy with the Father.

Tomorrow, unless led differently, we move on to Principle #4. But we must grasp these three first. Stop right now. Read them again. Go back and read the previous posts (if you have time). Ask God to prepare you for what is ahead.


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  1. Ryan S. says:

    Thanks for the recap Bill, I definitely grasp the “idea” of the first 3 principles, however, applying them consistently will be a life-long pursuit.
    Looking forward to Principle 4.

  2. I, too, liked that you repeated these principles here today, Bill. I’m keeping a list, and will add #4 tomorrow.

  3. gail says:

    Father I want to be all in, I want that intimate relationship. I want to be so in tune with You that I can hear Your voice above all the other noise. How do I make sure that its not just my head knowledge, my emotional feelings, my heart just longs for it. I can only pursue it through Your word, and with Your promise that when I seek You with all my heart, that You will hear my cry. Father, it is a life long pursuit, please help me to pursue You above all else in my life, for it is only through You that all things are made possible.

    • Bill Grandi says:

      Thank you for your heartfelt prayer Gail. The plea for pursuing Him above all else is a heart cry of mine as well.