July 11

Written by Bill Grandi on July 11th, 2023

I believe one of the fears many of us have, especially as we get older, is the fear of being alone. In my over 50+ years as a pastor, I have noticed this to not only be true, but as we age the fear is heightened. I have done tons of funerals where very few people have attended-visitation or the funeral itself-because the older that person got the less they had friends. Many of them had passed away. They may have lived alone. They may have found themselves in a nursing home where, sadly, many are put and forgotten.

They aren’t really alone though. When dad left mom after 25 years of marriage, she may have felt alone, but she wasn’t. She did have family. But she had ONE who wouldn’t let her be alone. When a spouse passes away after 60 years of marriage, the mate left behind often feels alone.  But they aren’t.They have ONE who wouldn’t let them be alone.

Case in point: the Apostle Paul. In Acts 23:11 we find that he was going to spend some time in Rome. Not of his own accord though. We  know from history that he spent at least two years under house arrest awaiting his “day in court.” I wonder if the words said to him: “Take courage” were said because he was somewhat melancholy. Some translations say “Be of good cheer.” The ESV says, “Take courage” (a correct and better translation). The NLT (New Living Translation) says, “Fear not.” And how many times do we read “Fear not” in the Scripture? We also read the poignant statement “I will never leave your or forsake you” multiple times.

That is a promise we can rely on. When Paul heard those words he was facing going to Rome. What a daunting prospect! Jerusalem was like the minor leagues in baseball compared to Rome, the big league club. That’s where the big boys played. But Paul also knew that to be in Rome where God was taking him-AND WOULD BE-was far better than the safety and familiarity of Jerusalem.  It is sort of like “I’d rather be in the pits with God than on a mountain top without Him.”

You are never alone. No matter how you feel or what you think, He will be there with you and for you and will be just what you need.


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  1. Ryan S. says:

    God truly knows when to send a needed reminder exactly at the right time.

    As trivial as it may sound, I was in a meeting for work yesterday afternoon and received some information that puts me in a little bit of an awkward situation. Without going into details, the conversation and information lends itself to further isolation from the circle I have come to know and work with on a daily basis.

    I don’t fear the loss of my job, though there is always that possibility with the winds changing the way they are.

    This post just serves as a reminder that regardless of the unknown, I belong to the one who does know and He is right here with me. He knows the circumstances and at the end of it all… and it will end eventually as we discussed yesterday with the temporary vs eternal… I will press on in the current temporary with the mindset of impacting those I encounter with eternal substance.

    • Bill Grandi says:

      Nothing sounds trivial to me anymore Ryan. I am truly humbled that God was able to take my morning ramblings and help it make some sense to your world. I also know you and I know your connection with God will come through whatever changes are happening. I’m glad you are in His hand.

  2. Ironically, Bill, I’ve read multiple blogs this week where the writer has emphasized that we are never alone; God is right beside us, suffering with us in our pain and loneliness. We only have to acknowledge His presence.

    • Bill Grandi says:

      I guess I’m in good company then Martha! 🙂 It must be something God is trying to get His people to grasp. I pray that His presence will become even more evident to His people as time moves on.

  3. Cheryl says:

    My dear Mom had this very fear for so many years, even though she walked closely to the Lord. After my Daddy died, she really struggled. She just missed having another human in the house with her and couldn’t hard take living alone. We tried to be with her all we could and there was hardly a day that went by that we didn’t see her. But still. It would come in on her the worst at night. It gives me peace to know that she now rests in the arms of Jesus where she will never have to feel that kind of fear and isolation again. Thank you for your faithfulness to the Lord, Pastor Bill!

    • Bill Grandi says:

      I feel for your mom Cheryl. I post this on LinkedIn as well and a man from our town just had his wife of 62 years pass away. He wrote about how lonely he was but there was comfort knowing she was no longer suffering. I’m guessing he is experiencing the same as your mom with nights the worst. I honestly don’t understand how people can stand not having Jesus to help them. Thanks for your comment and kind words Cheryl.