June 25

Written by Bill Grandi on June 25th, 2020

What was it like to be him? Jesus chose him. He was one of the 12. He spent 3 years with Jesus. He was in charge of the purse strings and John tells us he was dishonest. He often questioned what Jesus did-not out of concern or awe-but out of selfishness. Somewhere along the line he got angry/frustrated/humiliated/greedier…who knows? The Scripture tells us he made a deal with the devil religious leaders to betray Jesus.  30 pieces of silver. That’s all. In the Upper Room Jesus exposed his duplicity although the others didn’t get it. Go out…deed done…betrayal kiss…reality hits…life ended by his own hand.

What was it like to be him? Jesus chose him.  He was one of the 12. He spent 3 years with Jesus. He left all to follow at the drop of a net. Brash. Bold. Mercurial. Speak first; think next. He often openly challenged Jesus. Luke 22 and John 13 record a prediction: denial was in his future. Supper observed…denial happens (3 times)…reality hits…remorse and repentance…restoration.

What is it like to be me? I would never do either of those! I mean, how could they? Surely not me. They were with Him every day for 3 years. Watching Him love, heal, speak, confront, forgive, show compassion, play no favorites, raise the dead. They did. Judas betrayed; Peter denied. So do I…more often than I care to admit. Which will I choose? The way of Judas or the way of Peter? Betrayal and death or denial and forgiveness?

“Father, may my heart always be sensitive to the way of Peter. May I always pursue a right relationship with You.”


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  1. You know, Bill, I am conscious of the fact that I too, can be a Peter or Judas. To think otherwise would be a snare of the fowler. I am so grateful for repentance and restoration that is extended to me over and over again. Thank You, Jesus!

    • Bill Grandi says:

      I have to be conscious of that as well Diane. Failure to do that is a recipe for disaster.

  2. Ryan S says:

    What is it like to be me?
    Sometimes I look in the mirror and don’t like what I see. — No, not the physical… though that could improve as well… it is the spiritual, the mental…
    I see areas that I need to improve. I see things that I need to change. Only by God’s hand. Forgiveness not death, the better choice.

    • Bill Grandi says:

      Totally understand Ryan. I don’t like to look into either mirror, but the one James talks about is the most painful. So much to change; so much to prod. Thanks for coming back!

  3. May we all have Peter’s heart . . .
    Blessings, Bill!