February 15

Written by Bill Grandi on February 15th, 2021

Have you ever been mad? Not crazy mad. But hot-under-the-collar mad. So mad you couldn’t see straight. So mad you wanted God to do something…like oh…call-down-fire-from-heaven-mad.  You probably know where I’m going with this. It was the time in the ministry of Jesus they were heading to Samaria and the Samaritans said, “No way are you coming into our town. You aren’t welcome here!”

That’s a fine how-do-you-do. It wasn’t really Jesus they had an issue with; it was all Jews. So what do James and John suggest? A nice pow wow? Nope, not on your life. “Jesus, is it okay if we call down fire from heaven on them?” I suggest they might have wanted to add: “You know, make ’em toast like Sodom and Gomorrah. That will teach them a lesson.”

Jesus wasn’t going to allow that, thereby setting an example for us of what to do when we are rejected. There is another, perhaps deeper meaning happening here also. Not always will people agree with us. It might even get testy. We then have a choice: stick to our guns and blast away or lay our weapons aside for the sake of peace and love one another. Sometimes being dogmatic is not the way to go. Our greater purpose is not to (always) be right but to love. When we are challenged, love. When we are hurt, love. When we are proven wrong, love.

Let’s keep our eyes off people and their motives, reactions, rightness or wrongness, and keep our eyes on Jesus. “And that is my prayer this morning Father. Today, help me to keep my eyes on You.”


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  1. Ryan S says:

    On the “Day of Love” no less.

    I have a story, but will withhold it from a public forum, however, let’s just say I allowed my frustration with the situation to come out in a less than loving way.

    “Today, forgive for my outburst and help me keep my eyes on you Father”

  2. Full confession – YES! I’ve been hopping mad at certain times, Bill. That’s easy to do. What isn’t easy is turning the other cheek and meeting another head on with love. Only with God’s help . . .

    • Bill Grandi says:

      I have to admit that I have been there done that also Martha. And like you suggest the turn around is also hard.