April 1

Written by Bill Grandi on April 1st, 2021

Today is typically known as “April Fool’s Day.” We play pranks on people. Oh, I can remember trying to catch people off-guard with crazy, wild-eyed stories. Or coming up to someone who is afraid of spiders or snakes and playing on that fear. Most of it was innocent (but juvenile) fun.

When you think of someone in the Bible whom you might call a fool, who comes to mind? Solomon talks about fools a lot in Proverbs. We could add in Ecclesiastes as giving us a picture of a fool, one pursuing the here and now and finding it empty.  Paul says at one point that he is a “fool for Christ’s sake.” A totally different meaning.

One person? My vote goes to Judas. His is a baffling case. Follower of Jesus for 3 years. Endued with power to heal the sick, cast our demons, etc like all the others. (Luke 9) He saw Jesus do miracles-feed the 5000, calm the storm, raise the dead, and more-over the 3 years he was with Jesus. He hung out with the boys. Late night campfires. Early morning brisk walks.  Rousing discussions about the religious leaders.

We also know he loved money. He loved power. Deadly combination. When Mary anointed Jesus he protested. But as John says only because he liked to dip his hand into the till and help himself.

He sold Jesus for 30 pieces of sliver. Not much, even in those days. We gain some insight into Judas when we realize he never called Jesus “Lord.” At the last meal when Jesus predicted His betrayal, Judas calls Him “Rabbi.” In the Garden he calls Him “Teacher.”  Never Lord. That should tell us something. He followed but never surrendered.

Fool. Ooops, what does that say about me? Follow but fail to surrender. Hmmm. Fool seems to fit me as well.

“Father, help me not to be like Judas. Help me to cast aside the ‘fool’ label and commit to following You as my ‘Lord.’ ”


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  1. I think the condition of the American Body of Christ is just that.

    Jesus is Savior, not Lord. May we be found faithful to His Lordship until the end.

    • Bill Grandi says:

      I think you are right Diane. Way too many playing church. I know I want to be found faithful.

  2. Ryan S. says:

    Been re-reading a book by Max Lucado called “Anxious for Nothing”

    Chapter 2 deals with God’s sovereignty in our lives.

    Supreme Power, Supreme Authority, Supreme Rule…

    I think most (self-included) often make God a -Supreme Suggestion, -Supreme Opionion, -Supreme Recommendation

    We (I) won’t say it, but the lives we (I) live sure indicate it at times.

    –Definitely does make us (me) look like a fool

    • Bill Grandi says:

      Interesting observation my friend. But a very valid one for sure. And yes, my life also shows that from time to time.

  3. To truly follow Jesus, we must surrender our own wills completely. I pray every day that I will live in just that way.
    Blessings, Bill!