September 21

Written by Bill Grandi on September 21st, 2022

The final principle is here. But before I give that to you, let’s stop here for a moment to think. Whenever the will of God is talked about, many tend to lean toward the mystical. They look for a “sign” or an “open door” or a “word of knowledge” (cringe), or a dream. Something. Anything.

Meanwhile, many figuratively sit in a chair, put their feet up on the desk, and say, “OK God. Lay it on me.” You know what I mean with that picture. It is way too common for people to simply “hold out” for God to WOW them. Rather than go about their daily business with a heart open to God’s leading, they just sit around and expect it to fall into their lap. It has been my experience that doesn’t happen.

Is that saying God doesn’t surprise us sometimes? No, not at all. But to sit and rely on that is wrong. Unless we are Zechariah who receives a visit from angel in the Temple; or a Mary who receives a personal visit from Gabriel to give her some phenomenal news; or a Paul who had an angel appear in his room and tell him he was to go to Jerusalem; or a Joseph who was warned in a dream to hightail it to Egypt, God simply shows up in our daily activities, a timely word while reading His Word, or some good advice from a friend.

Principle #8 is the final one:

All is grace; put one foot in front of the other.

I’m going to close out this study on God’s will tomorrow. See you then. Until then, remember: All in grace; put one foot in front of the other.


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  1. gail says:

    Bill that is so true. I think the key is to constantly being walking and trusting in the Lord, and just keep the conversation open. When I moved here, that was not exactly what my plans were. God just opened the doors and made things happen, I could see that He was lining things up. I knew for sure it was the Lords plan because there was no way, I could have made those things happen the way God did, with the timing that was in the perfect spots. God wants to lead us, and He certainly knows whats best for us. The best thing we can do is let go of the reins.

    • Bill Grandi says:

      Letting go of the reins is so hard to do Gail. We think we know best. How many times do we miss out on God’s best when we try to run it our way? I’m glad you allowed yourself to be open to God opening the doors to being here.

  2. Ryan S. says:

    If I am 100% with myself and your readers… “Waiting” is often just an excuse… Or let’s call it… “I’ll pray about it”… No doubt, God wants us to be wise with our time and wise with our resources. I am not obligated nor expected by God to give either without contemplating the impact it will have in other areas. That said, I am to be generous with both. I am to be available. As you state, put one foot in front of the other. We all have been given a calling… generally, speaking, Love God, Love Others… How do we do that, by being the hands and feet of Jesus. That doesn’t require a SIGN, a DREAM, or WORD, or a DOOR… The door is already open… walk through it… If God shuts it, you know… if that is the case, choose door number 2… 3, 4… etc.

    • Bill Grandi says:

      You are so right Ryan. Waiting is often just an excuse. Even worse, you mention, is the “I’ll pray about it.” I still think God wants us to put feet to our following.

  3. Amen, Bill! All is grace and grace is all.