October 4

Written by Bill Grandi on October 4th, 2022

As I have grown in my faith, and matured as an adult, I’ve come to believe that one of the toughest stumbling blocks Christ-followers have to deal with is their past. Of course, there are the few who have done nothing really horrendous of which they should feel shame or guilt. Yes, we are all sinners and should feel guilt over that, but this is different.

I’m talking bigger than normal, everyday sin. The whopper. The life choice that rattles the bones. The choice that makes the insides turn over. The choice which hangs on and keeps coming back again and again. The choice of which nightmares are made of.

Simply put: shame-inducing, joy-robbing, strength-sapping shame.

Like Peter’s. Pledge your love and devotion but then deny at the first opportunity of the temperature rising. You know the story. “I’ll follow You. I’ll never turn my back.” “Before the cock crows,” He said. It happened as He said.

What now? What will Peter do? Wallow in his shame? Get sidelined? Cast out? None of the above. He will be invited to a breakfast by the sea where Jesus will call him Simon-which means “listen”-and find restoration and release from shame.

I’ll be honest: if not for God’s grace, forgiveness and restoration, I’d be on the sidelines. My failures, unbelief and meager attempts at righteousness would have me wrapped in a cloak of shame or pacing the sidelines or sitting on the bench with my head between my legs, if not for God’s patience and “Bill. Get up. Get back in the game.”

It’s called second chances and I serve a God of second chances. Shame? Sure it’s there. But I also know that it has been defeated by the grace of a God who specializes in taking broken people and making them new.

I can attest to that.


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  1. I really needed these words today, Bill. For some reason, the devil’s been taunting me with past mistakes unceasingly. I know he’s a liar and I know I’m forgiven, but the memories are disarming. Praying God will silence them!
    Blessings and thanks for your honesty.

    • Bill Grandi says:

      That means a lot to me Martha. So glad I “listened” as I journaled. I will say a prayer for you after I type this.

  2. gail says:

    Whenever I think of God’s grace, I think of Paul when he was Saul. I also love the way Paul handled God’s grace, he never let the past hinder his pursuit of being a disciple for Christ. His past also kept him humble, 1Timothy 1:12-17. Paul teaches me the lesson of learning from your sins, learning not to repeat sins, and how important it is to give the same grace to others that the Lord gives us. Sure, I wish I was strong enough to never sin, but I want to take my sins and let God use them to grow me, teach me, and to mold me into who He sees I can be.

    • Bill Grandi says:

      Saul to Paul is a great example Gail. Even though he had an atrocious past, he didn’t allow that to stop him from preaching and reaching out. And he never forgot God’s grace! Thanks for the great example.