October 5

Written by Bill Grandi on October 5th, 2022

There are a lot of intriguing stories in the Bible. I’d say the plethora of children’s books/Bibles is testimony to that. As a young boy growing up in the church and Sunday School (what is that?), I sat enthralled by them.

One of the most intriguing is Gideon. You can read his whole story in Judges 6-8.

Gideon was possibly the most unlikely person to lead God’s people against the Midianites.

  1. He lived in fear. We are introduced to him as he is threshing wheat in a winepress out of fear of the Midianites. I guess one could say it was advised. The Midianites were destructive, waiting until the crops were ready to harvest then swooping in and wiping them out-grain, sheep, ox, or donkey. (6:4)
  2. He lived with insecurity. When God said Gideon was his man, Gideon said, “Seriously? Me? I’m nothing.” (my poetic license). (6:15)
  3. He lived with doubt. He asked for confirmation that he was to do whatever it was God was asking him to do (deliver God’s people). (6:17-21). To top it off who can forget the whole fleece thing? (6: 36-40)


  • Gideon also learned to trust. He trusted God enough to take steps to pare down the army of 32,000 to 300 men.
  • He went into the enemy camp with Purah, his servant, to receive assurance of victory.
  • He show wisdom in dividing up his men and surrounding the enemy camp. At the appropriate time, they blew trumpets, broke pitchers, waved their torches, and shouted. The Midianite army fled. They pursued the enemy leaders and brought their heads back to Gideon.

There are a lot of talking points in Gideon’s story. I’ll let you figure them out. Just one to chew on: It is always amazing to see how God can transform someone from a man of fear, insecurity, and doubt into a warrior, a man of faith.

Interesting. He is still the same God today as He was back then…..


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  1. Only God!

    My ex told me not too long ago, “You’re such a strong woman.” Strong?! He almost decimated me at the end of our 44-year marriage! It TRULY was only by the Grace of my God that I survived it and am now thriving living life solo. ONLY GOD can do such miraculous things in us! It’s only Because of Him and Unto Him that I live and continue to serve Him.

    • Bill Grandi says:

      And that, Diane is a fantastic testimony to the goodness and grace of God and the way He works in people. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Ryan S says:

    I do love how God takes the seemingly unproven, unexpected, unlikely candidates and turns them into powerful tools to fulfill His purpose. God doesn’t need my ability, He just needs my availability.

    • Bill Grandi says:

      That is key Ryan. We can have a lot of tools but if we are not available they are pretty much useless. I, too, love how God does that.

  3. gail says:

    When God believes in us, and tell us we can do whatever His plan is, if we follow in faith, there is nothing we cannot do. The power is not is us alone, but in the power of walking in faith, and with obedience with God. I agree with Ryan, God will use the abilities we have, all we need is to answer the call.

    • Bill Grandi says:

      I think we sometimes forget that truth Gail. God will use us (in spite of ourselves).

  4. Years ago, when I was in charge of our children’s choir, we performed a musical based on Gideon’s story. It was one of our best because the story is so powerful.
    May the Lord continue to take away our fears!
    Blessings, Bill!

    • Bill Grandi says:

      It is a powerful story, Martha, totally applicable for us today. And yes, may He continue to do that.