December 15

Written by Bill Grandi on December 15th, 2022

This is a hard devotion to write. It’s hard because I know not everyone can celebrate Christmas. I’m not talking about the Jewish person whose disbelief in Messiah stops them. I’m not talking about the atheist whose disbelief in a God speaks volumes. I’m not talking about the progressive politician and activist whose desire for vengeance, violent rhetoric, and anarchy shoots the whole idea of a defenseless baby in a manger who makes a difference in the foot. I’m not talking about the greedy secularist whose only reason for the season is to line his/her pockets.

I’m speaking of someone else. I’m speaking of the one whose holiday is haunted by ugly memories of past Christmases. I’m also speaking about those who have already talked to me this holiday season (started with Thanksgiving) to whom the holiday season is a time of hurt, anguish and loneliness wrapped in grief because of the loss of a loved one. (This song speaks of the reminder a holiday can bring.  And yes, it speaks of lost love but the sentiment can be applied to most cases. The lyrics are under the song in Show More if you have trouble understanding…which I don’t think you will).

I’ve had several conversations with people who are facing the Christmas season with an emptiness in their heart. They are facing the holiday without someone they love. The first of every one is the hardest. But even though time moves on and the wound begins to heal, the hurt is still there. The ache and loneliness never leaves.

One family told me yesterday they are helping out a family of 9 with Christmas because they believe their son/grandson/nephew, etc would like that. They are doing it in his honor. That is a phenomenal idea! There may be no better way to deal with hurt than to do something for someone else in honor of one you love.

My heart goes out to those who face this holiday with hurt. Do you know someone who needs a little love this Christmas? Take some of your time to give yourself away. Not only will it be meaningful to them, you will find a satisfaction in your heart you may have never felt before.

And remember the ONE who know your hurt or the ONE whom you can share.


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  1. Ryan S. says:

    I have a long way to go, but this speaks volumes in regards to just keeping an open heart as we navigate the Christmas season. No doubt all holidays, all seasons, have their specific hurts and pains, but I suspect Christmas is at the top when remembering those who we have lost. I try to remember when I have that less than pleasant encounter at the store or the restaurant or on the phone… and you start to think to yourself how “Grinch-Like” the individual is behaving… Perhaps there is more to the story… Perhaps there is a deep wound or an unending pain that just won’t let go. Instead of retaliating, perhaps a little salve on the wound (love) is just what the physician ordered.

    • Bill Grandi says:

      Your response Ryan is spot on. I especially liked your idea of keeping and open heart and mind to “their story.” We never know what they may be going through and what kind of heartache they may be experiencing. While customer service is prime with a server, sometimes putting on that “smiley” face just doesn’t cut it. Thanks for the challenge

  2. I’ve heard so many people say that healing happened for them when they reached out to others, and took the focus off themselves. Does the hurt ever fully disappear? I don’t think so, but it can be repurposed for the good of ourselves and others.
    Blessings, Bill!

  3. gail says:

    Your blog is a powerful one today Bill. I recall my first holidays without, my parents, who past three days apart. My first Christmas when I went through a divorce I did not want, and did not see coming. I agree with you and Ryan, about keeping an open heart and loving spirit to those that are hurting this time of year, really no matter what time of year it is. It is a good reminder to remember that behind every surly, mean, ungrateful comment is someone who is hurting. Sometimes that hurt is so deep, the pain is so strong, what they need is someone who will stand in the gap with them while they learn to heal. People without joy are hard to be around, but they are the ones that need the most love. Jesus was a perfect model of that for us. Learning to give grace, mercy and love abundantly is the true meaning of Christmas.

    • Bill Grandi says:

      Thank you Gail for the kind words. And thank you for your openness about events in your life. Having your parents pass within 3 days of each other had to be earth-shattering. And then to find yourself in a divorce that you didn’t want. WOW! But God has done some wonderful and powerful things in your life and you have come out shining like gold. I’m glad to see God working in your life and still working.